The “gold standard” for bariatric procedure weight loss results

The Gastric Bypass procedure has been performed throughout the world since the late 1960’s. Only in recent years has the procedure been performed via a laparoscopic approach with several small incisions. The procedure is more complex than other bariatric surgeries performed today. Advanced laparoscopic surgical skills are required to ensure a safe and effective outcome for our patients. Dr. Snow has extensive training in the technical details and procedure specific skills that are required to perform the Gastric Bypass. The Gastric Bypass has been known as the “gold standard” for bariatric procedure weight loss results.

The Gastric Bypass is a metabolic procedure with some restrictive characteristics. The patient’s stomach and small bowel flow pathways for food are changed. By changing the ability of food to travel through certain parts of the small bowel, patients do not absorb food as before which limits calories and fats that the body can absorb. A small pouch of the stomach is created. The small bowel is connected to the pouch in a “bypassed way” to have a long segment of the small bowel excluded from food absorption. This configuration of the stomach with a different excluded small bowel connection is the hallmark of the procedure. There are several different techniques that are utilized today that involve 2 different connections of the stomach and small bowel. In other centers outside the United States, a single connection has been performed. Although considered experimental, the weight loss results have been comparable with fewer possible complications and side effects. With the significant weight loss seen with the Gastric Bypass, many health issues related to excess weight improve, including: heartburn, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, joint pain and many other conditions.

As with any bariatric surgery, adequate aftercare is critical. The dietary changes for patients who choose the Gastric Bypass are somewhat restricted. Adequate protein and fluid intake are important. Some patients will not be able to tolerate certain foods like dairy products, greasy foods or bulky foods. Dr. Snow will discuss the risks and benefits of the Gastric Bypass with you at your office consultation.

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