The most popular procedure for weight loss in the United States

The Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
At The Snow Bariatric Center, we feel that the gastric sleeve is one of the most effective procedures for surgical weight loss. With advanced surgical training, Dr. Snow has developed a technique for sleeve gastrectomy that is focused on safety and reliable outcomes. Through the past several years, the procedure has been refined to provide patients a safe and effective surgery with advent of new stapler technology and surgical techniques. We feel that the sleeve gastrectomy is an excellent choice for patients who do not want an implantable device like The LapBand or who do not want the alteration of their anatomy as seen with the gastric bypass. Dr. Snow will discuss the risks and benefits with you at your consultation.


The Gastric Sleeve Procedure
The gastric sleeve is a restrictive operation that reduces the amount of food that you can eat at a meal. With this restriction, patients can lose a significant amount of weight if they actively participate in our aftercare program and have routine follow up visits. Through several small incisions, Dr. Snow uses a stapling device to permanently remove around 75-80 percent of the stomach. The result of the surgery is a tube of stomach with a small volume for food. Patients experience a full feeling with a very small portion of food. All the digestive process remain intact. Because the intestines are not altered, patients will not have the problems of vitamin deficiencies as seen with the gastric bypass. The weight loss seen with the gastric sleeve is on average greater than that with the LapBand.

With a reduction in the volume of the stomach after a sleeve gastrectomy, patients are able to eat smaller portions. Also, there is a decrease in the hunger hormone named Ghrelin. The combination of hormonal and stomach volume changes allows patients to get full and stay full with a small meal. With the significant weight loss seen with the gastric sleeve, many health issues related to excess weight improve, including: heartburn, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, joint pain and many other conditions.

After the procedure, a balanced diet is critical. Adequate protein and fluid intake has been proven by several medical studies to augment weight loss for many patients. A multivitamin and B12 supplements are also important. Immediately after the surgery, your diet is very restricted and is based on the consistency of the foods you eat. Certain foods are not allowed, ever. Certain medications must be omitted/changed as well because of their effects on the stomach. You will receive details about the procedure, post-op diet, risks and benefits and expected outcomes at your office consultation. The experienced staff at The Snow Bariatric Center will answer your questions and help you with the insurance approval process.

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