Dr. Snow is considered a leader in the placement and management of the ORBERRA® Managed Weight Loss System


The ORBERRA® Managed Weight Loss System

The ORBERRA® gastric balloon has been utilized in Europe and Mexico for many years with great success. Prior to FDA approval, Dr. Snow had extensive training on the placement of the ORBERRA® balloon system in Europe. Dr. Snow was also one of the research investigators for the FDA trial in the United States. Now, the ORBERRA® balloon has FDA approval. Because of his experience, Dr. Snow is considered a leader in the placement and management of the ORBERRA® Managed Weight Loss System. He has developed placement techniques and post-procedure management protocols that have helped his patients move toward their weight loss goals with the ORBERRA® balloon.


ORBERRA® Balloon Placement and How It Works

The ORBERRA® balloon is a non-surgical weight loss procedure. The ORBERRA® balloon system is usually utilized for patients with a body mass index [BMI] of 27 to 35. The procedure is performed with sedation and takes less than 20-30 minutes in most occasions. The balloon system is placed with an endoscope (a tube and a light that is connected to a camera). Prior to balloon placement, Dr. Snow will evaluate the stomach with the endoscope to make sure that you do not have ulcers, erosions, a large hiatal hernia or other conditions which would preclude balloon placement. Initially, the balloon is completely deflated. The ORBERRA® balloon system is then directed to the stomach while directly observing the passage to the main portion of the stomach. The balloon is inflated with 650cc of normal saline [like tear drops]. When fully inflated, the ORBERRA® balloon rests at the top of the stomach in the region of the fundus. The endoscope is removed. You then wake up in the recovery room and can go home. The ORBERRA® balloon remains in place for 6 months and then it is removed.

The ORBERRA® balloon has a very direct way to assist you with weight loss. After placement, the balloon remains safely in the stomach taking up space which reduces the amount of food that you can eat as well as reducing your appetite. Both factors aid in weight loss. It is important to remember that you must stick to our diet plan and develop healthy habits to lose weight. It is only a tool to assist you with weight loss. With our ORBERRA® balloon aftercare program, patients develop a healthier lifestyle that helps them to likely maintain their weight loss after balloon removal.

The ORBERRA® Balloon Managed Weight Loss System is a safe and effective weight loss tool for patients who might not want or need a definitive surgical procedure. Although a non-surgical temporary device, some patients can lose a significant amount of weight. A commitment to participation in our aftercare program is necessary for success. Certain medications are required while the balloon is in place. Dr. Snow will discuss with you the procedure, risks and benefits and possible outcomes at your initial office consultation.

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