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Over the past 10 years, hundreds of thousands of bariatric surgeries have been performed in the United States. While most patients do well and lose weight, a percentage might have problems or stall in their weight loss for many different reasons. At The Snow Bariatric Center, we give weight loss surgery patients a second chance through revisional bariatric surgery options. Over the past several years, we have developed surgical techniques to assist our patients and other patients from around the United States. Revisional bariatric surgery is often complex, but through extensive experience and the latest surgical techniques we can help patients get back their lives and finish their journey.

While the LAP-BAND® System placement is one of the most common procedures performed in the United States over the past several years. Some problems can occur that may require surgical intervention. At The Snow Bariatric Center, we believe that the LAP-BAND® System is an excellent tool for weight loss surgery, but at times some people do not lose as much weight as their desired goal or may have problems. The most common reasons for conversion from the LAP-BAND® System to another bariatric procedure are as follows: LapBand slip or chronic pouch dilation, weight loss plateau or failed weight loss, persistent heartburn, difficulty swallowing, restricted dietary choices, and rarely LAP-BAND® erosion or device failure. All these factors could direct patients to seek an alternative surgery. In some instances, the LAP-BAND® System can be revised to properly function so patients can continue their journey. In some instances, patients may require a different bariatric procedure to achieve their goals. The most common conversion of the LAP-BAND® System is to the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. With this option, patients will still have a restrictive operation without a mechanical device.

Occasionally, patients who have had a gastric sleeve will over time stretch or dilate the sleeve. When this occurs, they will lose their full feeling and will be able to eat larger portions resulting in weight gain. In our experience, a LAP-BAND® System is place at the top of the dilated gastric sleeve to restore a full feeling with smaller portions of food, thus resulting in further weight loss.

The final revisional surgery that we perform is with gastric bypass patients who have a dilated gastric pouch. With this condition, patients can eat larger portions and subsequently regain weight. A LAP-BAND® System can be placed at the top of the dilated gastric pouch restoring a full feeling with smaller portions.

Every patient is different. Every patient who considers revisional weight loss surgery will need a comprehensive evaluation with possibly x-rays, endoscopic evaluation of their stomach and esophagus, and other testing to evaluate whether a revisional bariatric surgery is the right choice of treatment. At an office consultation with Dr. Snow, you can discuss your treatment options for revisional bariatric surgery. He will discuss with you whether you are a candidate, the risks and benefits as well as the expected outcomes.

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